The Experience

I am so happy you wanted to learn more!! I know taking time to do something for yourself is hard. It will be worth it, the experience is going to leave you refreshed, feeling beautiful and proud of yourself!

The experience starts with contacting me. We will then get your session booked and contracts signed.

Next up is your Pre-Consult, we will meet and chat about "why" you are doing the session, we will talk about what you plan to wear, what you love about yourself, talk about hair and makeup (makeup is included in the session fee), and discuss what to expect. I do the pre-consult at a park, a coffee shop somewhere where we can sit for a few and just talk. This is a great time to get to know each other. This is a great time to ask any question and let me know any concerns you have.

Between your pre-consult and your session, I will be available for any questions about outfits or anything pertaining to your session.

Session Day!! Yay! I know this day will come with a few emotions you will probably be excited, nervous, a little unsure and those are all completely normal. We will start by getting your makeup done and hair if you choose. Great time to laugh and talk. The makeup artist is awesome and super fun to chat with. Once she is complete we will check your makeup with lighting and get right into your session. We will start with one of the outfits you are more comfortable and then move to the others. I will coach you through the entire session. I will help you pose in way that flatter your body, we will work on getting those sexy expressions (yes I know these do not come easy to most of us, which is why I will help you), through the entire session I will laugh and joke with you to keep you comfortable and looking beautiful in your images!

Viewing Session Within two weeks of your session, you will get an online gallery to view your images. We will work on choosing images for your album if you chose one, or work on what size prints to have made to hang up, or if you choose a "love note" box we can then choose the images for your box. I will be with you through the process so we can be sure that you choose the best images and the best options for you to be able to enjoy your photos. 

Delivery! I like to view and check my client's order so they will be sent to me and I will personally meet with you to get you your products.