Hello, I am Amanda, photographer, and owner of Daydreamers Captured Memories. Thank you for you for stopping by my website. I am a natural light traveling photographer based in Corona. I photograph at many locations across the Inland Empire and parts of Orange County.   

I love being able to work with new people to capture lasting memories to be shared with friends/ family and being hung in families homes. I have been in business for 3 years and absolutely love it!

I thought I would share a little about myself with you:

Probably much like you I have children. My two daughters are my world, I love to take them out and photograph them but it is quite a task so I certainly know what you will soon encounter but once we are out having fun and I see the photos I forget how much work it took to get them ready for them. 

I started my love of working with children young, I started working at a preschool when I was 18 and did that for 5 years. I loved being able to see the excitement in their eyes each day learning, playing and growing into little people. 

I am a pet person, I love when families include their pets in their family photos. I have a pit-bull, I am a huge advocate for the breed so taking photos of her and other pets I feel like I am helping. I work with local shelters to raise money and help pets get adopted by photographing them in a pretty setting and letting their true nature show. Those kennels sure can be scary.

My passion for art started very young with drawing, coloring, painting you name it I loved doing it. Around middle school, I started to fall in love with photography and was always taking pictures. I continued to do so for years, I have always wanted to be a photographer and about 2.5 years ago I followed my dream and started this business which not only allows me to take photos but I get to meet new families and often watch them grow.

So there is a little about me! I hope you have found my website helpful if you have any questions or would like to book a session please contact me!